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Ethan Mason Sports helps to improve personal skills both on and off the court

Ethan Mason Sports, SOTO Tennis Academy, Tennis, Coaching, Training

Arriving at the tennis academy with Ethan Mason Sports on a Sunday, we were given a full day to help settle in and have a look around the amazing location.

The apartment was modern and comfortable and backed onto a private beach, which was stunning.

Ethan Mason Sports, SOTO Tennis Academy, Tennis, Training, Coaching, Life Skills

However, it was only on the first day, we all realised just how perfectly situated the accommodation was. Located along a quiet and luxurious marina, practically, the courts were only a two minute walk!

The training was world class. Hitting balls, with not only top quality coaches, but also with a range of high level full time players, and access players.

The week included developing skills on ball fed drills. We were able to prepare match plans, which then helped us to engage in doubles and singles matches, which were then played every afternoon. As well as all that we were put through our paces by being involved in valuable fitness sessions, which were carried out by the top quality coaches.

Ethan Mason Sports, Training, Tennis, Tennis Academy, SOTO Tennis Academy, Coaching, Life Skills

This amazing experience helped to develop my mental and physical game. I felt that I was able to challenge myself by really pushing both my fitness and tennis skills to the limit. This has allowed me to feel more confident both on and off the court.

Overall, the trip to Soto Tennis Academy was unforgettable and the intense schedule has massively improved my game and relationship with players. I will do anything to revisit.

I just want to say a big thank you to Ethan Mason Sports for making this event possible, it was well organised and well worth the experience!

Written by Harry Walker

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