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Ethan Mason Sports, SOTO Tennis Academy, Tennis, Self improvement, Coaching, Tennis camp

It seems obvious that there’s a link between the amount of tennis played and the improvement over time. Actually finding an opportunity where you can play tennis for over 20 hours of the week; training like a “full timer” WITH full timers is a rarity – at least without paying excessive amounts in fees a year.

As an intermediate player that started tennis a year and a half ago, hitting with ranked players or soon to be ranked players from all backgrounds and nationalities, I can tell already my game has improved.

Fitness wise, learning quality stretches and techniques was a bit of a blessing to my game; seeing as I was originally known as “lazy and immobile” when on the court. Mentally I was often weak and when I was losing, it wouldn’t be surprising to see me give up or throw away easy points. Learning the “every ball matters” philosophy and watching players drenched in sweat, (both older and younger than me) run down every ball and leave every point content that they had tried their hardest was inspiring.

Ethan Mason Sports, SOTO Tennis Academy, Tennis, Coaching, Life Skills

Technically, of course, I have picked up skills and concepts that will inevitably help my game.

I doubt this all would have been possible within a week, without the skill, experience and patience of the expert coaches at SOTO Tennis Academy.

When we were all struggling, they gave vital encouragement. When we were frustrated, they aligned Birmingham with the palm trees and high temperatures of Sotogrande. When we were overwhelmed, they reminded us that “pressure was a privilege”.

Ethan Mason sports, Tennis Academy, Improved skills, Tennis, Training, Tennis camp

It’s not just tennis that I have improved in, but also translatable people skills; as well as mental techniques and positive mind-set tricks. This I feel has helped in all other aspects of my life.

I don’t think I could have learned what I have learned within 1 week, 15 years old, without the experience of SOTO Tennis Academy and also without the guidance of Ethan Mason Sports, who have made this opportunity possible for me.

Ethan Mason Sports is not just about tennis.

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